Real-Time AI Based Virtual Auditing Employee is an automated, end-to-end video intelligence solution for Enterprises to monitor any and all Standard Operating Procedures, leveraging pre-existing CCTV-IP infrastructure.

Automatic, Intelligent, and available Round-the-clock continuously observes, monitors, and analyzes workplace activity, to provide comprehensive metrics that promote remote auditing, and drive top quality at all times. Requires near-zero human intervention or action.

Day to day insights

Get daily insights on your team's activity, employee-wise performance, and the standard of hygiene and quality maintained in the location.

Consolidated Dashboard and Metrics

Observe employees, monitor activity, take actions, onboard recruits and more in real-time, within seconds, from a streamlined dashboard.

Rapid Integration and Scaling

Compatible with most existing CCTV setups. Use your current setup, or install new infrastructure directly managed by us.

Real-time notifications and alerts

Get customizable, real-time notifications for security breaches, SOP violations and more, detected and triggered automatically.

Experience the future of enterprise quality uses cutting edge One-Shot Model Training to reduce loading, onboarding and processing times to fractions, enabling lightning fast response times and minimizing errors.

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Serving everyone currently caters to the following sectors

Food and Beverage

Cloud Kitchens, Restaurants, Joints and more!

  • Standardized, Cross-outlet Hygiene Index
  • FSSAI Hygiene Compliance
  • Gear tracking (Chef Hats, Aprons and more)
  • Kitchen activity metrics
  • Automated SOP monitoring


Factories, manufacturing units, construction sites and more!

  • Apparel tracking (PPE kits, Uniforms and more)
  • Entry - Exit tracking
  • Vehicle/Machinery monitoring
  • Gear Tracking (Helmets, Gloves and more)
  • Safety Hazards monitoring

The perfect solution.

OurEye is packed to the brim with innovative technologies and cutting-edge features.

  • OneShot model training
  • Person detection
  • Custom object detection
  • Custom SOP detection
  • Live admin dashboard
  • Activity tracking
  • Automated attendance
  • CRON compatibility

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Meet the minds behind OurEye.Ai

Sourav Sanyal
Saurabh Ghanekar
Miran Junaidi