Automatic. Intelligent. Round the clock availability. continuously monitors, detects, analyzes workplace activity. This provides comprehensive metrics that promote remote auditing and aims for excellent quality always. Requires near-zero human intervention or action. Simply video intelligence.

Day-to-day insights

Get daily insights on your team's activity, per employee’s performance, the standard of hygiene and the quality maintained in the location.

Consolidated Dashboard & Metrics

Enable employee observation, activity monitoring, recruit onboarding and more, from a streamlined dashboard in real-time. Video analytics within seconds.

Plug & Play

Compatible with most existing CCTV setups. Sync with the current setup, or install new infrastructure, directly managed by us.

Real-time Notifications & Alerts

Get customizable, real-time notifications for security breaches, SOP violations and more. Detected and triggered, automatically.


Soar your business, store and products.

Get detailed deep customer insights like age range, gender detection, aisle hotspot and more. Get an edge over competitors and make a difference.


Monitoring processes that run your business.

Intent monitoring on each process, inclusive of production, sorting, right labelling & packaging to employee performance. Complete surveillance, seamlessly.


Value every customer at your service.

Monitor desk management, staff attendance, queue time and more. Give your customers the required assistance and value for their time.

Food & Beverage

Stay at par with clean kitchens providing safe, hygienic & nutritious food.

Detect for food & hygiene breaches at restaurants, hotel kitchens & cloud kitchens. Take control of the food served, location’s cleanliness, employee grooming and more.

Super Easy Dashboards

We customize each dashboard as per the opted SOPs. Detailed metrics under each SOP makes it easier to analyze and evaluate. The dashboards are completely streamlined making them user-friendly, comprehensive and easier to navigate.

How we hop you on-board?


We plug and play with your existing CCTV Cameras. No hardware. Complete virtual onboarding.


OurEye Vision Models
With sophisticated deep learning and computer vision. checks constantly for process compliance.


Delivered to you
All inference of machine learning done is simplified and converted into data points and metrics that help you understand in a breeze.


The Dashboard
This has you covered for all your data. Get insightful metrics based on your dashboard and export as per your requirements.


Visual Data Storage = 0
Once your camera feed is monitored in real time. The system gives you complete privacy. No image and video file is stored with us.

Untapping potentials of Video Intelligence and AI-based Video Analytics

         Backed by technology, is an end-to-end video intelligence, that is making a difference in the way CCTVs function.

 Activity Recognition

Technology is making a huge leap. From predicting climate change to making life-size robots, AI is taking the world to new bounds. Virtual Activity Recognition defines the CCTVs ability to detect humans in a state of motion and even predict their next move in the immediate future based on incomplete actions.
With this ability of the smart camera, detecting actions in real-time is becoming widely popular, such as buying objects, behaviour detection, selection of items, speaking on the phone and more.

 Object Detection

With this real-time feature, smart CCTVs detect objects or detect the presence of objects within the video frame. Through this, smart cameras can also tell the difference between the object, surrounding objects and the background. This advancement is used in image retrieval, security, surveillance and automated processes. Object detection can also enhance face recognition, tracking and anomaly detection.

Transforming the way, cameras work is the result of excellence and dedication to make a change. With a perspective to change how CCTVs function, has revolutionized the way cameras work. It’s no more just monitoring, its detection, evaluation, notification and more.
It’s bringing cameras to life.


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