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About Us

World's Best Virtual Auditor

OurEye brings life to surveillance cameras and helps you uncover the power of AI to make smarter and faster business decisions purely based on data.

Our Vision

Over the past decade, technology has been the catalyst that’s constructed and configured enterprise growth all across the globe. OurEye is poised to help such enterprises scale much faster and leaner while the Virtual Video Auditing Solution takes control of your business operations by ensuring complete process compliance.

In a world where seeing is believing, Computer Vision automates having eyes everywhere. Without data, everything is an opinion.

Sourav Sanyal Founder & CEO

Our Mission

OurEye is on a mission to help employees focus on the major problems that need constant monitoring, data and real-time alerts. In short, all repetitive tasks that needs no human intervention are under OurEye’s watch.

A billion cameras globally and businesses still have to rely on a hunch? Data driven decisons is the way to go!

Miran Junaidi Co-Founder & COO

What are we solving?

Automates business operations with AI powered CCTV cameras.
Remote Auditing
Auditing your business performance by leveraging your pre-existing Camera IP/CCTV infrastructure
Net Promoter Score
Gain access to insights on the Customer Satisfaction Index to make your customer journey exceptional and improve customer loyalty.
Visual Data Analytics
Track your company’s progress in Hygiene / Quality / Safety compliances with timely updated metrics. Stay up to date with all business metrics.