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OurEye.ai is your Virtual Manager who monitors your business operations & ensures complete process compliance.

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With over 500,000+ hours of video feeds analysed, OurEye never blinks.

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Plug & Play

Our plug-and-play technology lets you integrate the OurEye.ai Video Analytics platform within seconds of dropping your camera inputs like IP address or DDNS URL of NVR/DVR/IP Camera. It can configure itself and immediately kick-start your journey with OurEye.ai.

  • Configure your IP address or DDNS of NVR/DVR/IP Camera
  • Fill in the credentials of the above
  • Input your Store Open and Close Timings

Effortless Integration.
Active Monitoring.

Instant Onboarding

Self-start your journey with OurEye’s Plug-and-Play technology. OurEye.ai allows no-code integration without any complexity by leveraging your pre-existing CCTV/IP infrastructure.

Ready-to-go Checklists

OurEye automates checklists as per industry standards. The AI will assess the potential Safety hazards, Quality threats, and Hygiene issues prevalent in your industry to curate the list.

Easy to Use

Get a customized easy-to-navigate dashboard for your business. The platform will have all your business analytics at one place with which you can analyze and interpret data more efficiently and quickly.

Our Features

OurEye is all about gaining actionable insights for your business.

OurEye.ai dashboard allows you to set alerts, unlock awards and access summarised reports.

One click away

Set Alerts

With OurEye.ai, you can set real-time alerts on deviations or any other data that you need at your fingertips, for instance, Entrance Unmanned, Walk-in Count, Customer Attended/Unattended, PPE Deviations, Floor Mopping Compliance, and so much more. OurEye.ai offers a high level of customisation on alerts for businesses.



OurEye.ai recognises and celebrates businesses that consistently strive to deliver the best in terms of Quality, Safety, and Hygiene. Based on the infinite data processed and analyzed over the period, OurEye.ai rewards the best performing employees and motivates them to perform better by highlighting their achievements. These awards have three categories Bronze, Silver and Gold, and it can be a significant metric to compare and analyze the performance of your stores/employees based on your requirements.

Discover how many awards your business can unlock with OurEye.ai on board.


Summarised Reports

OurEye.ai conducts daily audits on Hygiene, Safety and Quality process compliance at your workplace, and shares summary reports right to your inbox by the end of the day. The summarised reports can be viewed on OurEye’s customised dashboard as well. OurEye’s daily audits give you data on the performance of your business to make significant business decisions.

Hire OurEye.ai as your Virtual Employee and procure 100% accurate data. Get a competitive edge by analyzing your business trends and developing game-changing strategies.


Camera Compatibility

OurEye.ai is compatible with all the leading camera brands and the cameras with or without IP Infra. For Non-IP, we get the stream access from the DVR to which the cameras are connected, and for IP cameras, we access the stream from NVR and, in some cases, the IP camera itself directly.

OurEye is compatible with all major CCTV brands.

Indutries Include

Sectors we serve

Improve SOP compliance & productivity. Get Instant deviation alerts.


Leave no room for errors with OurEye, that never blinks.

Cloud Kitchens

Stand out from your competitors with exceptional services.


Give your customers ultimate experiences by ensuring 100% SOP compliance.


Get real-time alerts on timely cleaning and security threats.

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

Ensure productive work, reduced queue time and instant food..

Drive Thru

Provide amazing experience by delivering quality services.

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