O U R E Y E . A I

Monitoring Automation

Automate process compliance monitoring with our real-time Video Analytics platform. Our AI has been trained with over 2 Million incidents across industries use cases.

Effective Monitoring. Highly Customisable Use Cases.

OurEye.ai monitors effective SOP compliance on the three pillars of business - hygiene, Safety & Quality. For ultimate business growth, focusing on the granular components of Hygiene, Safety, and Quality parameters can boost your staff morale, reduce health-related risks, elevate Customer experience and enhance productivity. With OurEye.ai, analyze your business trends, forecast deviations in SOP, and make data-driven business decisions.


Help the customer feel confident entering your place of business by adopting the best hygiene practices in your industry.


Tackle safety concerns with instant triggers from OurEye. Don't let your employees think twice about coming to work.


Provide an elevated customer experience and earn customer loyalty by delivering exceptional product and service.

Explore Use Cases

The definitive library for Use Cases to pre-determine your requirements and standardize your operations
Hand Hygiene

Awareness of Handwash among employees increased drastically with Constant Reminders.

PPE Deviation

OurEye reduced safety issues by ensuring compliance with safety gear such as helmets, gloves, face shields, goggles, facemasks, shoes, etc.

Counter Wait Time

OurEye alerts the store manager if the billing counters are unmanned or exceed the average queue line or wait time.

Floor Mopping

OurEye.ai monitored stores/premises are mopped every 3 hours to curtail the spread of diseases.

Intruder Alert

OurEye ensures 100% Safety by detecting suspicious activity/people within the premises.

Customer Unattended

OurEye identifies the unattended customers, be it at the counter or anywhere within the store premises, and immediately notifies the Manager In charge.

Why us?

Why OurEye.ai?

OurEye’s virtual auditor comes to work every day and provides real-time analytics on live business events. It aims to reduce the risk of non-compliance significantly, cost of monitoring, and increase your customer satisfaction index. We leverage your pre-existing CCTV/IP infrastructure for integration.

  • Ensure Process Compliance
  • Reduce the cost of Monitoring
  • Increase your net promoter score
  • Real-time analytics and data